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Summary of Qualifications



  • Executive:  Founder & President, Principal,  Consultant
  • Senior Management:  VP of Sales, Director of Marketing
  • Non-profit:  Founder of non-profit 501C3; past president of two other non-profit 501C6s


  • Founded several business in different disciplines including S*W*A*T described below.
  • Self-funded all businesses; gained a deep respect for revenues, expenses, cashflow controls.
  • Experienced in launch and growth on shoestring budgets
  • Enjoy “path finding” and “odds-stacked-against” endeavors and projects


  • VP of Sales; grew a software start-up to an IPO.
  • Author of hard-hitting, sales training course “Mastering the Art of the Hard Soft-sell”
  • Consistent quota achievement for 17 years while on quotas
  • Four-time Million Dollar Sales Award Winner (in early ‘80s when $1million was large)
  • Successful home / branch / in-field sales territory and management experience


  • Internet, direct, traditional marketing expertise; responsible for design & content of over 20 websites
  • B2B / B2C successes in hi-tech, no-tech, pharma & non-profits.
  • Pioneer & expert in “tele” approaches for big-ticket sales
  • Creator of numerous client brochures, websites, and online / offline campaigns
  • Author of courses, and of articles on marketing and sales


  • Skilled negotiator with Fortune 500s and national accounts
  • Skilled drafter of sales contracts


1983:  Founded / funded / fully staffed Sottile’s Winning action Teams dba S*W*A*T(sm) Tactical Marketing Agency, a custom, self-contained sales/marketing agency serving Fortune 100s to individuals artist from concept to completion.

1992:  Transitioned S*W*A*T to a marketing consultancy with associate marketing service providers.

1996:  Expanded and integrated consultancy to include online marketing via Internet; websites, email, and streaming.


Prior to forming S*W*A*T, VP of Sales with BGS Systems; grew software sales and sales organization to IPO in four years

Prior to BGS, computer timesharing (today called “on-demand computing”); business computers, and mainframes

Prior to high-tech, began career, by leveraging pre-med sciences, selling ethical pharmaceuticals for Merck Sharp & Dohme a division of Merck.


Additional Experiences


  • Co-founder of After The Bugles, a non-profit corporation (501C3) educating and benefitting severely veterans wounded in war and survivors of fallen troops
  • Past President and Board Member of the former Mass Media Alliance, a non-profit trade organization (501C6) promoting film, video, and multi-media industries
  • Past President and Board Member and of the former Yankee Thoroughbred Breeders Organization, a nonprofit, trade organization (501C6) promoting Thoroughbred breeding and racing in the Northeast
  • Class Officer / Webmaster for a Dartmouth College alumni class; plus project webmaster for another class (both 501c3s)
  • Breeder (not-for-profit), for the past decade, of foundation stock to “perfect” a breed of polydactyl, “tuxedo” cats
  • Provider of entertainment services / planning for life/corporate/military events under the brand, “Johnny HiHat” (tm)



Graduate of Dartmouth College, BA in Economics with additional concentration in Pre-Medical Sciences.

Post-graduate study at Boston University, S.U.N.Y. /Albany, Rensellear Polytechnic Institute, plus on-going independent study.

A wealth of experiences through self-funded companies, numerous and varied clients, plus past employments.

Below... for a refreshing departure from traditional formality,
I "write" in the 1st person;  not the formal 3rd person "voice."
This page is about my life... not "his."   I lived it...  "he" didn't.
If we get together, work will be performed by me...  not "him!"

I have an extensive career in business development and entrepreneurship, which  has been successfully applied in commercial and consumer markets in industries ranging from hi-tech to artisans.    In addition to business operations, I'm experienced in all the aspects of selling and marketing; products, promotions, pricing, and placement; business-to-business and business-to-consumer; direct and indirect; plus infield and remote.
I pioneered the application of telecomm approaches for marketing big-ticket tech products and services, and have a special appreciation, an empirical insight, and a proven expertise in deploying the compounding effects of all tele -- or "remote" as derived from Greek -- media communications to achieve business goals.
As the head of business development, I grew a young software company, via tele-approaches, to an IPO within 4 years.  Typical sale was $45,000 -- Big Bucks at the time!
Founded Sottile's Winning Action Team, dba S*W*A*T (sm) Tactical Marketing Agency, a disciplined, self-sufficient, marketing resource which assists enterprises / entrepreneurs / professionals / artists with their needs in getting to market, or practice development.  Clients have ranged from Fortune Listed to individuals working out of cell phone offices.   S*W*A*T remains affiliated with specialized market service organizations to complement comprehensive core capabilities. Regardless of the project or client, S*W*A*T  brings its characteristic roll-up-the-sleeves approach.
Today, I deploy the Internet's enormous potential as a logical extension of the "tele" process which I first forged using computer timesharing, Telex, and TWX. And so, I've establishedWorldWideWebID and COOL MOOSE and a RECLUSIVE GOOSE webcentric marketing initiatives which include turnkey, content driven website development and maintenance plus web identity monitoring against misrepresentation and harmful attributions.

I've authored the courses " The Art Of Marketing the Hard Soft Sell!, "(tm) a sales and marketing seminar for professional service providers, and "Let's Make A Deal,"(tm) a unique negotiating course which interweaves personal power and leverage into the process of deal making. I've also developed"The Vector Marketing Grid,"(tm) & "Integrated Tele-Conceptual Approaches"(tm), both efficiency-based sales/marketing systems.
Additionally, I've authored Articles on sales and marketing; created numerous client brochures and campaigns; plus conducted and published Orignial Research
I'm a skilled Negotiator of hundreds of contracts with Fortune 1,000 companies... and have international experience in direct and third party channel sales.
A graduate of Dartmouth College, BA, Economics / Pre-Med with graduate work at various universities and independent study. 

I am "hardened" from a wealth of experiential learning through my self-funded companies, the numerous clients for whom I have "stood in the trenches," and my past employment. Though not a gaming gambler, I am an intrepid risk-taker, forever searching-out uncharted business opportunities, new markets for old products, or a quota rescue missions.

I am a Past President of the former Yankee Thoroughbred Breeders Organization, a nonprofit, trade organization promoting Thoroughbred breeding and racing in the Northeast... Currently, I am attempting to isolate and perfect a color breed of double-toed, black and white Tuxedo cats. The emerging breed is called JOHNNY HiHAT Cats! (tm). Additionally, I am a Past President of the Mass Media Alliance, a non-profit trade organization promoting film, video,and multimedia industries in New England.
For a change of pace, I produce, emcee and dj life and corporate events under the persona of JOHNNY HiHAT (tm).  Further, I offer top level production services and talent to the same clients through various agents.  

The bottom-up thinker who delivers top-down results.
"Tactics Make Strategies Happen!"

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