Venture Ready

Venture Ready
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"Once A Top Down Thinker"
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Anything But Me Too!
What I know about myself is that I love to create business opportunities...
just about any kind... as long as they are anything but "me too."
The bootstrapping, the often flux in organization, the marshaling of
limited resources, the financial constraints, the all consuming personal
involvement, the very certain risks for the very uncertain rewards...
and even the tension over surviving all psyche me.
It's all about pioneering!
Having gained extensive entrepreneurial experience through self-funded
endeavors, as a service provider to other entrepreneurs / companies,
and as a executive in a young software firm that went public, when such
"coming outs" were uncommon, I'm "venture ready" and know the drill.
So, I'm always open to explore ventures about which an organization
is contemplating, or wondering how the endeavor will be "rescued."
Whether standing alone as an outsource,
developing a team under contract,
or working with your team, I'm as equally charged.
The thrill is in the conquest!
I have broad marketing experience in big ticket, B-2-B, leading technologies,
but, also have extensive experience in consumer products and services...
Try Official Secretariat T-shirts, and Newport RI's first public carriage livery
since the manual transmission!
I've formed companies... plus developed / directed sales and marketing
efforts both internally and externally as a service provider; pioneered
database and tele-marketing using Telex/TWX networks in the 70s; plus
used the remote marketing to launch big ticket software sales to an IPO
in the early '80s  By the mid 80s, I founded a direct marketing agency
and perfected other multi tele-media approaches which today includes
Internet / Web / E-commerce savvy... It's octane-rated for cyberspace!
I call 'em as I see 'em... really disdain C.Y.A. mentalities and environments...
anticipate adversities, but not misrepresentations... and expect just rewards.
Perhaps we can "do some business."

The bottom-up thinker who delivers top-down results.
"Tactics Make Strategies Happen!"

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