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Why Partner With Me
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There Is Only One Question.
Ultimately, after all the credentials, calls, and meetings,
only one real question remains: 
"Why Partner With Me?"
Here's My "Elevator Pitch."


"Pardner," when you partner with me, you get a...

     a bottom line person who has been delivering the "deliverables"
     both as an employee and business owner throughout his career;

     a unique marketer who has been shaped by
     both disciplined and creative mentors;

     a re-inventive person who has been building an inimitable skill set
     and unique insights based upon a willingness to cleverly venture
     beyond business norms, the comforts of native talents, and his
     then present set of knowledge;

     a moral business person who has been shaped by
     a clear set of high, ethical, business standards;

     a hard working, hands-on, white collar professional who has been
     shaped by a blue-collar, hometown (Pittsfield, MA), work ethic;

     a responsible person who always has been risking his own money,
     not someone else's, hence understands its real value;

     an accountable person who has been taking both the credit
     for a success and the "heat" for a failure since youth sports;

     an entrepreneurial person who has been thriving on
     building unique ideas that carry a hefty personal risk;

     a flexible person who has been as comfortable in the
     boardroom, as the tool room, or locker room;

     an articulate person who has been excelling in written and oral
     communications throughout his career;

     a presentable person who has been working at remaining so; and

     a self-sufficient person who has been spending his life learning
     those things which are necessary to go-it-alone, when necessary.

"Life" and "Business" are two tough teachers...
often administering their tests before giving their lessons!
Having learned this fact, I enter every business opportunity
with the anticipation of adversity and the confidence that,
by leveraging strengths, I have a
chance for success. 

And, with a bit of luck, a chance for success... becomes success!

In business, "success," however personally defined, is the goal
that drives the striver.

The bottom-up thinker who delivers top-down results.
"Tactics Make Strategies Happen!"

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