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Private Seminar / Your Format / Your Site
Presented at your location, this format can be a cost effective alternative for organizations with numerous registrants, and / or the desire to have the seminar keyed to you individual practice, firm, or business.  Registration is restricted to employees of the contracting party.
Private Fee:  $350.00* plus $25.00 / Registrant

Semi-Private Seminar / Round Table Format
Presented at select locations, this format is particularly suited for individuals or firms that desire far more interaction than the Public Seminar can provide, plus the synergy from experiences which other participating professionals bring to the conference table.  Also, this format is the correct venue to evaluate the merits of hosting a Private, On-site Seminar for the entire firm.  Enrollment is limited to 8 attendees or less. 
Semi-Private Fee:  $75.00

Public Seminar / Lecture Format
Presented at convenient locations, this format is ideal for individuals who seek the contents of the seminar with less interation of the instructor or other professionals in attendence,  Enrollment is limited by room size.
Lecture Fee:  $50.00

Payment:  Check, Money Order, PayPal, in advance.
Materials:  Will be provided.  No audio / video taping allowed.
Deductible:  Educational expenses including travel and lodging incurred to improve / maintain your professional skills qualify as business expenses and are tax deductible
Registration:  Your registration may be cancelled up to 7 days before the seminar.  The registration fee will be refunded less a 25% enrollment fee.  Within 7 days, you may send a substitute, or re-register for another date.
* Expenses:  Direct express incurred for Private, On-Site Seminars to be reimbursed.