SOTTILE: Marketing The Art Of The Hard Soft-Sell

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SAVE thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of dollars in misguided sales and marketing expenses and lost client opportunities.
DISCOVER the tested precepts, prescriptions, and prohibitions of sales and marketing to profitably propel your practice via cost-efficient dollars and time.
OBTAIN procedures for an audit of your current marketing program, and guidelines for a realistic cost-benefit analysis of your marketing v. practicing time.
ACQUIRE a marketing skeleton on which to buk-up marketing muscle in a customized manner to super-charge your professional selling style.
KNOW how to integrate the ethics of your profession and practice into a marketing-mix that maximizes your practice's stability and profit potential.
POSSESS a professional comfort in presenting your credentials and confidence in marketing, selling, and negotiating your services without appearing to "hawk."
DEVELOP a winning attitude about your ability to grow your practice beyond referrals, and to mandate self-emposed revenue and activity goals.