SOTTILE: Marketing The Art Of The Hard Soft-Sell

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The Seminar
10 Outstanding Values
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You Will Discover...
50 most difficult words to write
9 personal power styles which you call upon to build your practice
5 basic closing techniques
4 essentials criteria for prospecting and qualifying
3 personal factors that absolutely define your marketing success or failure
3 essentials for implementing a direct marketing program
3 criticals steps necessary for assisting a prospect decision
2 principles which all people invoke when selecting services
1 critical obstacle in selling intangibles and how to overcome it
1 major difference in the way people view selling and marketing
1 reason why salespeople often earn more $$$ than professionals

You Will Learn...

Educate / motivate / negotiate as one marketing system

Create different strategies and tactics to stabilize your practice, to develop new clients, and to increase revenue

Implement four Red Cross Water Lifesaving Techniques to rescue your time and marketing budget

Establish realistic and measurable plans and goals

Define and develop your markets

Differentiate your services

Choose a marketing-mix that pinpoints your prospects

Synthesize four marketing essentials to develop clients

Activate the arsenal of multi-media marketing weapons already in your office to strike your targeted prospects

Implement the Internet's potential for your practice

Establish a marketing program tailored to your personal style

Align marketing and practice vectors to "max" returns

Create new centers of influence as a strucured referral program

Maintain complete control of the marketing process

Rigorously approach, qualify, and close simultaneously

"Know when to go; know when to hold; know when to walk away; and know when to run" from time takers

Market the Art of the Hard Soft-Sell with confidence