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Odyssey To This Seminar
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My Odyssey To Sales

A Tortuous (Sometimes Torturous) Background
It's imperative that I tell you of my once deep suspicions about selling, and how I ultimately came to embrace the sales and marketing professions.
Graduating from high school, I was voted "Most Likely To Succeed" (whatever that means) and was accepted by every Ivy League college to which I applied.  Unfortunately, by one test question, I missed attending the college of my real passion, West Point Military Academy.  So, declining an acceptance at Yale (a life-story in itself), I attended Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.  As might be suspected from the intro, I didn't bloom as a pre-med/economics student in a "liberal" arts school. 
Graduated, engaged, and jobless, I reluctantly accepted a sales position.  But having been raised in an environment of professionals, who had professionals as friends, I hated every minute of selling. 
Though I did well, I frankly found selling below the dignity of man, or woman... and clearly never expected my success to come from it.
But, as I sold and studied the art over the years, I came to understand and appreciate the opposite: 
Selling is the very dignity of men and women, for in a free society, mental persuasion is a quality unique to humans.  Affecting the perceptions of another's mind and persuading that person to act in a manner prescribed by you is the most powerful capacity that a person can develop.  Except for the uncontrollable events of nature, nothing in this world ever happens until someone has been sold... even if it is a person selling him or herself on an idea! 
Out of this tortuous (sometimes torturous) background, and honed by many rugged years in sales and marketing, comes my seminar:  The Art of Marketing The Hard Soft-Sell is a concise interdisciplinary course designed specifically for non-sales professionals who hate, or think that they hate, the process which I have come to respect and enjoy.
After taking this course, you will not feel the same about selling, and marketing your services and opinions... and perhaps about yourself.  Hey, you're a one-of-a-kind!  And this seminar taps into this fact.
This seminar has sudden impact.  There are no abstract theories, just concise powerful, hard knocking, action-oriented strategies, tactics, and truisms... all chisled from years of experience.
I urge you to carefully visit this site.  You will find this tidy, four hour seminar focused on the sales and marketing information which you seek.
John David Sottile