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The Art of Marketing the Hard Soft-Sell is the definitive course designed for intelligent people who never imagined themselves selling.  It is based on the field proven integration of marketing, sales, and negotiating principles acquired over 30 years of experience.
Though designed for non-sales professionals, this seminar goes far beyond the usual sales / marketing course to address the fact that in most cases, the salesperson is also the service.  This course is a fact-packed tutorial which every person, who is interested in marketing their expertise and building their business, should attend.
In 4 fast-paced hours, attendees learn the meaning of The Art of Marketing The Hard Soft-Sell.
Soft Selling is a passive manner that does not jar the prospect... primarily because the the prospect is moving at his/her own pace.  For example, "Call me if you ever have a need," is Soft-Sell.  While perhaps genteel in approach, it does not generate revenue on your terms.
Hard Selling is the constant application of pressure to make the sale at a pace which generally does not meet the prospect's tempo or preference.  Manipulative techniques to trap, or embarrass, are examples of Hard Sell.  The comment, "as any intelligent person can see," is an example of hard sell.  While aggressive in approach, it does not generate revenue on your prospect's terms or needs.  Therefore, it is destructive to you in the long-run.
Hard, Soft-Selling integrates the above approaches in a manner that assertively qualifies "suspects," prioritizes "prospect," and moves these "keepers" to client status through a structured marketing-mix approach which considers the strengths and weaknesses of you, your product or service, and prospect.  Presented in a Q & A format, The Art of Marketing the Hard Soft-Sell is a tour-de-force of marketing, sales, and negotiating essentials. 
"A real eye-opener.  Time well spent understanding the efforts and cost of going to market."
"The hardest thing to do in my business is to "jump" markets.  Your seminar showed me how."
"It puts it together in one evening... Amazingly concise, very integrated, and yet simple."