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The abstraction of any moose, elk, reindeer, caribou, or deer of many sorts (Cervidae) as a mascot is really focused around the image of the animal with ANTLERS.
Antlers are interesting and misunderstood by most people, including otherwise intelligent people who are not aware that antlers grow and are shed yearly.
Further, even fewer people are aware that reindeer/caribou females grow antlers... and in fact keep them attached longer than males.
Antlers, which are solid throughout, are completely different from horns which are not solid, grow once, and are not shed annually.
Antlers are mystical.  They have been used throughout history to represent many positive attributes in humans; to potentiate the vitality of humans, and to adorn heraldic shields.
Today, antlers are still used to represent nature and wealth in art, fine gifts, and more.
As a college symbols, antlers provide both the image and the framing element for other shields already associated with The College.
Moreover, as an athletic symbol, antlers allow for creativities that it all cannot be listed.  However, one can think of other horns and their use to pique creativity and peek into the possibilities. 
For example, antlers provide a "prop" for the student/alum body to rally around and use.  As the Texas Longhorns have their "Hookem' Horn" hand gesture, so antlers allow for their own gesture.
Further, with the synthetic reproduction of antlers, antlers can be easily replicated in many forms to provide props, art, fundraising gifts throughout the college and Dartmouth communities.
On the very serious side, antlers may offer hope in understanding cell reproduction and regrowth plus remediation of osteoporosis.
Finally... and most importantly w/r/t Dartmouth imagery, because reindeer / caribou antlers are present on both gender's heads, they are a metaphor for gender equality. 


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