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Reindeer and Caribou ---> Only Decision
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Reindeer / Caribou at the Combines
Reindeer vs Moose -- Winner Is Reindeer / Caribou
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Reindeer & Dartmouth Winter Carnival
Reindeer On Mainstreet Mean Refined Antlers & A New Hanover Chic
Reindeer On Mainstreet Mean Adult & Kid Fashions A New Hanover Look
Reindeer @ Dartmouth Rudolph Is Separate
Reindeer & Secular Santa Not Religion
Dartmouth & Indians
Dartmouth's Official Unofficial Snivelling
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How Has This Magnificent College Icon 
Escaped Dartmouth's Mascot Selection?
In fact, how has it been overlooked
by every other college's  selection,
for there is no known U.S. college
allied by reindeer / caribou.


Why Has This Picture Been So Difficult To Achieve?




The Reigning Dartmouth Deer




The Reigning Dartmouth Deer

Dartmouth College
The President, Officers, Trustees,
Athletic & Academic Departments, Alums, and Students
plus the people and merchants in the College Community  
shoulds rally around these magnificent animals!
as mascot for
Here's why....
Equality... Beauty... Science... Strength... Endurance... Vitality
To represent Dartmouth in science, art, sport,
and individuality.
Reindeer are the very representation of Dartmouth College
and every student, academic, and administrator
who ever passed through The College.
Reindeer are...
An embodiment of individual strength synergized through team effort...
An actual representation of current Dartmouth academic study...
An opportunity for The College to greatly expand this study...
And a strong, direct link to Dartmouth's cultural past...
A reflecton Dartmouth's rugged and hearty image!
perhaps 40 years in torturous "discovery," but actually,
they were here, in spirit, all along...  since 1769
when Eleazor Wheelock received a Charter
from England's King George III,
the reigning monarch.
Were one to create the perfect mascot from objective criteria,
one would create a reindeer... and with a little poetic license
for historical, positional, and trademark reasons...
rename it
The "Dartmouth Reigndeer" (tm)
Reindeer, or ReignDeer,
this magnificent creature is Dartmouth's
proud past, present and future.
 "The Reigning Dartmouth Deer" (tm)
Even nay-sayers to change agree:
"It sounds established... as if it has always been."
And, from today forward,
there's no reason why it cannot always be!


Reindeer and Caribou, (2 names, considered to be same species)*, are the only animals where BOTH THE MALES AND FEMALES GROW and LOSE  ANTLERS... In fact, females hold onto to their antlers longer than males to protect their young.  How powerful a symbol is this? And how representative is it that The Dartmouth mascot represent BOTH GENDERS... not just one as the moose would.
Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholders, but there is no comparison between the beauty and elegance of reindeer compared to moose.  Body and head conformation, color, refinement of antlers,
Perhaps not the tallest of deer, reindeer are nonetheless strong and fast... like 32 mph fast.  And they are tough... being used to work and haul for the northern people who use them in their work.
Well what can be said... If one subscribe to the Bering Straight land bridge concept, one first sees that all cervidae -- that's moose, elk, reindeer, deer and others which made the trek along with people who became Native North Amercians ( Alaskans and Continental).
Reindeer have been critical ingredient to both physical and economic survival to northern herdspeople for centuries.  Without reindeer, there would be no northern people as hey are known today.