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Reindeer & Dartmouth Past & Present Academics EXCELLENT NEWS

"My Dartmouth" Mascot Forward & Overview
Dartmouth Since The Indian
Reindeer and Caribou ---> Only Decision
Mascot D(ecision)-Day For Big D
Getting On Down To The Mascot Business
ANTLERS TO ANTLERS From History to the Future Lord Dartmouth's Antlered Coat of Arms
Reindeer Centerfolds
Getting To Reindeer / Caribou
Reindeer / Caribou at the Combines
Reindeer vs Moose -- Winner Is Reindeer / Caribou
Reindeer & Dartmouth Past & Present Academics EXCELLENT NEWS
Reindeer & Dartmouth Winter Carnival
Reindeer On Mainstreet Mean Refined Antlers & A New Hanover Chic
Reindeer On Mainstreet Mean Adult & Kid Fashions A New Hanover Look
Reindeer @ Dartmouth Rudolph Is Separate
Reindeer & Secular Santa Not Religion
Dartmouth & Indians
Dartmouth's Official Unofficial Snivelling
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Institute of Arctic Studies
6214 Fairchild Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3577
Tel:1 (603) 646-1278
 Fax:1 (603) 646-1279 


Dartmouth Is Not The Most Northern College,
But It Leads In Northern Studies.
The Institute of Arctic Studies is a leader in polar studies. Since its founding in 1989, the Institute has focused on the environmental, cultural, and political dimensions of the North and the critical impact of climate change. The Dickey Center's commitment to the interdisciplinary study of these issues rests in the hope that this will benefit northern people, increase international understanding, and promote global environmental stewardship.

The Institute is a crossroads for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and education. We provide undergraduate and graduate students with guidance on educational and research opportunities in polar studies, and direct an interdisciplinary


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