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The Big Green... Though Green, is a noun, with several meanings, it is used mostly as an adjective by people who are ither than golfers and landscapers. And, it is this linquistic expectation that leaves people hanging for a noun.  For sure, Dartmouth alums and students.
The Big Green... Used since 1870, and officially adopted by Trustees, this moniker will never be lost...nor should it be. The biggest hurdle in its use is the lack of of logical, available (no Jolly Green Giants,etc.) mascots that are not tropical, such as parrots, alligators, etc.
In nature, this brings us to plants, lights and insects of which the latter will be forgotten.
Dartmouth has always possessed two natural green botonicals beside The Campus Green,plus an occasional third natural phenomenon.
     Dartmouth has its traditional Pine Tree.
     Dartmouth has buildings covered with Ivy is a founder of the Ivy League.
     Dartmouth witnesses Northern Lights.
Any of the above can easily and successfully fulfill the criteria for a symbol which could be represented in a mascot form with the Northern Lights providing an exciting opportunity for light shows over The Green on special weekends.
The following pages present brief ideas... hardly as developed as the reindeer or caribou, but only because the basic concepts of use and study are the same:
Mascots and symbols should become an integral part of The College culture, not just a icon to be rolled out for a game or occasion.  It is ironic that during the years when The College used Indian symbols, The College did little to immerse itself in the study and needs of these Americans.
Finally, despite anything else, The Big Green needs something that makes it unique...both in itself and as a college.  As a college there are other Big Greens, certainly Marshall, which is on national TV, uses the name along with "The Thundering Herd."  Ditto for the Michigan State Spartan's whose mascot won the Mascot of the Year Award.  Friends, there are "Big Greens" and "Green Machines" everywhere.  We all know them.  Probably, we all have competed againts them in sport, music, or even debating.
In googling "Big Green," "The Thundering  Herd," appears before Dartmouth. Granted, there are then more entries for Dartmouth, but the race is lost.  Based on Google's search hierarchy, more people google Marshall.
A trademark could be developed and registered...
But audibly, all "Big Greens" are indistinguishable.
In all "The Big Green" reminds one of  the musical artist, formerly known as Prince, who traded in his audible name for a visual symbol. Then the problem became that everyone had refer to him as "the singer, formerly called Prince."  His trademark worked on albums/merchandise but failed otherwise since there was no convenient way to audible identify him.  How will ESPN call it?  "The Big Green.. the one with the squiggly, sylized "B" and "G" romped over...:
Not Good...  Why Design Dissonance? 
Still, having stated the above, the my purpose is to find a mascot or symbol.  And "The Big Green" or "Big Green" has been approved by Trustees.  So, "Big Green." must be considered either as a part of a mascot name or reference as is "The Big Green Bou" a reference to reindeer / caribou.
are offer on the following pages.
But first, the definition of
Based upon past issues of Alumni Magazine,
which I received before... well, you know...
the attempted recall of my franachise
a franchisee could never know.
OftenThe Magazine used
blue. brown plus
other colors.
So much for failing to brand "The Big Green"
even on its "coffeetable" centerpiece.
Don't know 'bout you, but  I'm getting cramps!
As a point of interest... is currently being cybersquatted by "family" on campus.
 This is import, since The College cannot use, to develop its "Big Green" image,
for the .edu registry only allows one name per institution, and that name
must be a part of the school's official name, as accredited.