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There's a teambuilding structure which is useful to people who confuse "team" with "democracy" and "equal say."
Let's keep to sports for a metaphor...
Whether the a coach or QB calls the play... It Is Called!  It is not up for discussion in the huddle. And, if an audible needs to be called at the line -- ONLY ONE person calls it!  Again, there is no discussion... only a decision. 
The team executes the play... not the decision.
Input is helpful, but not necessarily actionable.
Now let's expand to real life examples...
The above mode is also analogous to the concept of team building in a fire, or where a person is hemorrhaging.  There is no time for collaboration; it's time for a leader to walk everyone out of the fire, or stop the bleeding. 
So it is with this mascot matter...  
The College is and has been "bleeding" royalties, loyalties, and credibility for years.  There never will be a concensus; then again, there is no need to have it.  What is needed is a decision... by the leader, The College... and execution. 
With skill, The College will even "curve-fit" clusters of desparate concensus.  If DeBeers can sift tons of earth to find a half-caret of diamond, One should be able to sift creatures and concepts to replace a mascot /symbol and culture.
For eight year, I have done so.  From that effort, emerges reindeer (caribou) and the culture around these animals.  The research, presentation, and justification is presented herein.  It is up to The College to decide.
As mentioned elsewhere, regarding mascots, not all college leaderships make decision; they go with the custom.
Notwithstanding, most colleges boast that they build leaders.  Therefore based on such a proclamation it is incumbent that the college leads from the front... not from a pocket veto.
Dartmouth got to the present position through assimilation of students, alum, and the entire Dartmouth community.
Let's put it on the line.  No one entity owns The College. 
Yes, students think that they do when they are here (I did), but they do not.  Further future entering classes will have a different idea based on the times. 
Yes, alums feel that they own The College through post graduation valued added reputation and the support/donations that they give to the school. 
Yes, academics feel that they own The College for without their excellence, The College would not be, well,  excellent.
Yes, the administration feels that they own the school through the execution of policy.
Yes, the trustees feel that they "own" The College, or at least they own the responsibility for its care and keeping. 
And so it goes down to even the Hanover community and surrounds.
Clearly, there will never be concensous for enternity with groups that remain in flux. 


If you are an alum who holds onto the Indian image and symbols of the past, I understand. In truth, I only recently discovered, that these symbols were never "offically" adopted by The College... or so it claims. But make no mistake... the Indian symbol was adopted by The College... regardless of its equivocating.
While I doubt that it was ever meant to be willful, The College's unoffical, but true, representation was nonetheless a false one created on us who were affected by it.
More than the Indian loss, I say, get agitated over this "hoax."  We were robbed.
I don't know whether The College has ever apologized to the alumni over this matter  Frankly, I'm over it.  But I'm not you. So for this reason, The College should apologize to all for the misrepresentation and dislocations of feelings caused upon gung-ho eighteen year olds. 
Regardless of The College's actions, time moves on... and the choice is to stay locked in time and concept... or move on as well. 
For myself, the Indian symbol, while a part of my life at Dartmouth, was but a fraction. And with every passing year, it becomes even a smaller percentage.  
The College has already existed 60% as long without the Indian as with it.  And it's a thought, that The College may try to remain uncommited until the last person standing under the Indian symbol passes on to the Big Sky.  So far, deflection seems to be its modus operandi in this matter.
As for the Dartmouth Review which peddles paraphernalia emblazoned with Indian symbols, your market is shrinking, literally, physically, and numerically... all while The College sits patiently, like a buzzard, for your carcass. If profit is even slightly important, you need get a new product line, Pronto!  That's right, PRONTO!  Consider debating for the new mascot to your future product line. 
Seriously, all sarcasim aside, for the alums who choose to hold on to the past, it is my hope that you survive and thrive beyond the day when The College has existed longer without the Indian Symbol than with it.
That's another 20 years of Good Health and Good Fortune.

It's a startling fact: Mascot ideas have been offered to The College since a decade before your birth!  
Yet a survey of college mascots, ranging from bees to bison and turtles to tigers, show that regardless of the mascot, ALL WORK to represent the college, plus rally athletic teams and the student body.  In the end, most any selection will do... well almost anyone.
It's my understanding that "Keggy" has a following.  As a creative concept, it's great; unfortunately, as a college mascot, it's a non-starter.  Eliminating Keggy, leaves the moose, and perhaps some other ideas. Not a big selection after 30 years of concepts pitched in vain to The College which never set a criteria or date by which ANY decision would be made. 
Analyzing this mascot issue, one is struck with the idea that the mascot is more than a icon... it's the EXPRESSED NEED OF STUDENTS & ALUMS, which The College hasn't served.
More than The College having a mascot, it is we who must have one.
It's our need; so I say, "Let's fulfill it!"
Since, The College admits to being "other-directed" in its use of the Indian symbol; it's entirely possible that it'll remain other-directed once again.  This leaves the mascot decision to those with the best marketing skills.  That's us.
Here's my thinking:  I've an address in Dartmouth, MA... also home of UMASS - DARTMOUTH.  If The College fails to decide, I'll form an online entity to wholesale reindeer gear to you for your eBay / online sales (visit to build your storefront).  Normal retail will be handled by the Hanover's bricks 'n mortar merchants. The company will represent no association with either college.  No logos, no references... BUT, we will market items under my tradenames/marks of "Dartmouth Reindeer" (tm), "Dartmouth Reigndeer"(tm), "The Reigning Dartmouth Deer"(tm) and perhaps "The Big Green Bou"(tm) which following.
So far, "push marketing" (attempting to sell) has failed to budge The College on a mascot. Perhap "pull marketing" (wanting to buy) will work. If it doesn't, at least a mascot need will be profitably fulfilled. 
First, let's see what The College does. My goals are for it to decide on any mascot and for the rest of the Dartmouth Community to finally relax in this factStay tuned.


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