Charter Member Benefits

Acing Evil

Charter Membership
Benefits & Privileges
Reserved For Friends & Family
This Offer Will Expire June 30, 2003

Reserved Priority Status

Charter Membership has it privileged.  The most important will be the "Preferred Status" that Charter Members will always have with Acing Evil.  We will NOT forget "who brung is to the dance," with their early support and trust. So relative to the Cyberside Assistance Program you select, you - our friends and family - will have priority over future members of the same service. If this "undemocratic" to you now, we suspect that it won't when you have pressing security crisis.

Reserved Price Protection

We doubt that our initial fee structure is the correct one.  there is no real history for this qualkity security service as designed.  We suspect that it is low, but time will tell as we learn how well our membership buys-in to best practices.  Nonetheless:
Charter Members will enjoy this initial price for a one year period, even if we raise the price prior to your joining by June 30, 2003.
Charter Members will also enjoy the same a 25% discount off the second year price. If that reulting amount would be lower than our existing fees, you will enjoy a second year at the same price as this offer.
Charter Members will then enjoy a 15% savings off all future years service.
Charter Members will also enjoy a 10% discount on other cyber security services / consulting, that are outside the scope of our Cyberside Rescue, for which they may subscribe.
Charter Members will also enjoy the comfort of knowing that they will be providing a year's protection regardless of Acing Evils fate... OR optionally, even if a Member as been rescued one or more times, Acing Evil will refund a pro-rated amount of service yet to be delivered.   

Reserved Two-Way Privileged Communications
Customer feedback is critical to a company's on-going success.  Unfortunately, customers and owners can become estranged through growth, especially in a business to consumer environment.  This will not happen.  Charter Members will always enjoy privileged communications with the founders of Acing Evil.  This will provide the best method to assure that your input is heard... and that you have the best platform on which to argue for your ideas.
Oppositely, Acing Evil will provide its "friends and family" with knowledge that it may not otherwise tell, or be able to tell, others members who join after this intital Charter Subscription.  If fortune is with us, within the limits of securities laws, you will be the first know that fortune is with us.