We Found Your Need... And Filled It

Acing Evil

Oh... We Know Who You  Are...
And  So Do "They"... The Hackers

Chances Are...
That Chances Aren't Awfully Good For You,
Fighting Hackers Alone!

YOU... YES, YOU!   You're the person, who has a PC and has dutifully installed Norton's, MacAfee, AVG, or one of hundreds other security software products.
AND... you are sitting online with bated breath on the faith that somehow, your computer is safe from unwanted intrusions or viruses.
We understand.
You feel that you've done"all-the-right-things!"
CHANCES ARE... you never even read the manuals, if you ever received them, or downloaded them.
CHANCES ARE... also, that even if you did, or had... you were or will be overwhelmed by the technical content.
CHANCES ARE... also, that you will remain unknowing of your software's solution procedure... assuming that it even provides one.
CHANCES ARE... also, that you would not even know where to turn if you had an intrusion or virus, had attempted to repair the problem... and had failed to remedy the matter.
CHANCES ARE... also, that it would be days... even weeks before your "problem" was resolved which would require either an exhorbitant on-site tech visit... or your dismantling of the system to bring it in for repair, also very costly.
CHANCES ARE... also, that it may take months to recover from the hit.
CHANCES ARE... finally, that some other source convinced you that some of your data would be lost, FOREVER.
Well Bucko... if that's croaking you - and it should -
Acing Evil has the information and services for YOU!
We offer a single, trusted, affordable resource for
 - Interpreting Complex Security Info -
- Rescuing Your Hacked Computer -

"I want to be your first subscriber.
This is the 'dream' service which my practice needs."
"Amazing Concept: Independent evals, integrated info and rescue services, all geared to average users like me."
"Assimilating all the info on the Internet for just about any topic is impossible. Regarding online security, it's Alphabet Soup to me.  As Acing Evil found a unique meaning to the letters of "Vigilance," so, too, you guys deliver a unique "smarts" to cyber security.
"There's no passive security about your approach. Acing Evil actively engages itself and its clients in battling hackers."