Cyberside Rescue 'n Recovery

Acing Evil

Here's Looking At You... Remotely!
PC-PC Cyberside Assistance
No Tech Rep For In-Person, On-Site Visits
No Dismantling Of Your System For Carry In Service

If you already subscribe to a roadside rescue service, you already know the advantages of paying a little membership fee to obtain a lot of service.
Often It's Invaluable!
(Just this frigid winter, at 2:30 AM and zero degrees, one of our vehicles "flamed out" on a
dangerous highway and was rescued by a roadside service after a teeth chattering
Acing Evil's Cyberside Rescue 'n Recovery service operates in the same way... at two different levels: 
Standard Response, called FOUR ACES SERVICE
Priority Response, called ACES HIGH SERVICE 
There is also a special category, ACES HIGH SERVER for sites which use their PC as servers on the Internet.
Let's break them down...
FOUR ACES provides PC-to-PC restoration of your computer at your site through our remote access to you computer.  That's right, we come to you, REMOTELY!  All that you have to do is enter a few items and watch us do our thing.  Or... if you have other matters to attend -- such going to the PTA, meeting a client, or just  going to the beach, we will restore your computer, reboot it, and leave it as it was before the intrusion or virus infection.  This service is particularly suited for individuals who, or firms which, have a need for recovery which is not immediately urgent. 
Basically, if you use e-mail and surf the Net,
FOUR ACES service is provided "run of the calls" and is has a nominal priority status.  If top priority subscribers are being served or queued, they will be taken first.  REGARDLESS, YOU WILL BE SERVED WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY OF YOUR CALL.  Unless you have a relative or friend that can do better... you can't beat this service with a stick!  Period.
ACES HIGH is the correct service level for individuals who, and businesses that rely heavily on there PC's... where down time is critical to your business, practice, publishing and blogging.  
ACES HIGH provides the assurance and value
which your online activity demands.
Calls are taken "run of the calls" with priority over Four Aces subscribers. Excluded from this service are subscribers who are using their PC as servers.
ACES HIGH SERVER service is for subscribers who use their PC's as Web servers for their business, practice, and publishing.  Calls are taken "run of the calls" with priority over Four Aces and Aces High subscriber.