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Q.  How did you come up with the concept?
A.  Sottile:  This is mine; I did... I drive "mature" vehicles which fail me; and I'm often needing to be rescued by my roadside assistance "club." The example stated on our Cyberside Rescue Page was me!... Also, I've spent a career around computers, yet still live the problem of infrequent use of acquired knowledge... or even the ability to stay current with it.  Regarding cyber-security, I see problems in dimensions and magnitudes of concern. The dimensions start with firewalls, layered technologies, conflicting software, etc. The magnitudes start with personal / business e-mail, company / practice info, databases, etc.  Simply stated, if I can't handle this technology... I'm sure that most others can't as well. And, since I've not seen a cyber-security offer like Acing Evil's, I'm declaring that there is a unfulfilled need. As a "marketier,"  I'm compelled to fill it.  Acing Evil does this in Spades! 
Q.  This PC-to-PC connection... How do you do it?
A.  Pierce:  We have access to software which we download to you.  You install it.  If you have XP, there is already a capability built in which you must turn on.  Once we are synched on approach, you give us permission to enter you PC. Just like you telephone... you have a numbered address and we come in on it.
Q. Well, what can you see?
A.  Shepardson:  Let me take this.  Frankly, we can see everything that you have in your PC that you know about... and everything in your PC that you probably don't even have a clue about... if we needed to go there... which most likely we don't.  I know that this sounds frightful.  It is!  But in truth, it is not any different than a good hacker can see if you don't secure your system.  SO... IT'S A MATTER OF CREDIBILITY.  Reversing the question, and assuming that you are like Sottile... would you rather trust us... another person whose card you picked off a supermarket bulletin, go it alone, or perhaps roust up a friend who may have a partial solution?
Dervishian: Let me add my two cents.  As you may read,  I was in charge of security at a high tech company.   As opposed to calling in a locksmith (remember, s/he has masters to all locks installed) once we rescue you, you reset the tumblers, so to speak.  ALSO... when we are in you computer, you can sit by the monitor and watch every mouse movement... click... and every window that we open.  So, you can permit the entire process... or stop us.  However, depending on the problem, we may not be able to help you, if you block us where we need to go.  
Sottile: Yes, and chances are that you entrust other endearing matters, like photos, to people whom you've never met.  Go see the movie "One Hour Photo."  It's a film that makes you go Hmmm.
Q.  How long have you guys been together.
A.  Dervishian:  It's convoluted... but the short answer is years.  The longer answer is that the technical side has worked together four about four years starting with a previous company. The technical team possesses technical depth, certifications, government clearances, and a history of working together in very complex computer environments... many of which involved Fortune rated companies and government / police authorities.  Sottile, who I knew for years, consulted with us at that company.
Q.  Do you provide any other computer security services?
A.  Sottile:  Yes, there are Other Services.  And there are more services which we are evaluating.  A "Pinging" (adapted from the sonar concept) Service is one.  A problem with installing security software is knowing whether it is operating properly.  Many events could "park" the function.  So, offering a "pinging" service would act as a safety-check... much like your battery alarm works on a smoke alarm.  Subscribers and members of the Cyberside Service will be informed of these services as they are made available.  Some will be included in existng subscriptions, others will be priced separately.