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John Sottile
John has over 30 years, sales / marketing leading cyber technology to improve business information systems: Mainframe hardware and software, timesharing services, distributed information systems, micro-based applications, database systems / services, consulting, training and a full range of marketing services.
Former VP of Sales/Director of Marketing who grew a young software company from $100,000 to $5,000,000 per year... and an IPO... within four years (1979-1983). Average sale of $30,000+ (all sold by telephone)  Big Bucks then and even now.  Prior to forming S*W*A*T, had a successful sales and marketing record by achieving quota 17 of 19 years

He held positions in other computer technology companies, of which oddly, his years in computer timesharing are proving most valuable with Internet ASPs and security.

Founded Software Action Team "S/W*A*T" (tm) now called Sottile's Winning Action Team, dba S*W*A*T (tm) Tactical Marketing Agency, a disciplined, self-sufficient, marketing resource which assists enterprises / entrepreneurs with their needs in getting to market.

A media pioneer in the successful application of tele-comm approaches for marketing big ticket, technology products.  Has a special appreciation for applying multi-media to improve the communications process and a special expertise in utilizing the compounding effects of all forms of tele -- or "remote" as derived from Greek -- media communications including e-mail and the Internet.
Authored the courses "The Art Of Marketing the Hard Soft Sell!"(tm), a sales and marketing seminar for professional service providers, and "Let's Make A Deal,"(tm) a unique negotiating course which interweaves personal power and leverage into the process of deal making. Developer of "The Vector Marketing Grid,"(tm) & "Integrated Tele-Conceptual Approaches"(tm), both efficiency-based sales/marketing systems.
Also authored numerous articles on sales and marketing; created numerous client brochures and campaigns; plus conducted and published original research

Negotiator of hundreds of contracts with Fortune 1,000 companies... and has international experience in direct and third party channel sales.
A graduate of Dartmouth College, BA, Economics, with graduate work at various universities, continual study and a wealth of experiential learning through own companies, the numerous clients for whom he has "stood in the trenches," and his past employment.