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John Dervishian
"Dr. D"

Dervishian has been working in the field of computer security for over 7 years. Most recently, he co-founded Mishre Advisory Group, Inc. , a security engineering firm that specializes in helping organizations evolve their security defenses. While at Mishre, Dervishian has been working closely with the Massachusetts law enforcement community to evaluate systems and practices for computer-related homeland defense initiatives.

Before founding Mishre, Dervishian was Vice President of Operations at Athena Security, where he worked closely with the engineering team to deliver security assessment services to several high-profile clients. While at Athena, he spearheaded the development of their Enterprise Security Review (ESR), which was a comprehensive threat analysis tool that provided organizations with a no nonsense approach to evaluating their security defenses.

Before entering the security field, Dervishian worked as a consultant for a fast-growing digital type foundry, where he oversaw the complete rebuilding of the companies' physical and electronic infrastructure. He has a complete understanding of high-technology building construction and how it relates to distributing voice and data to end-users reliably and securely.

A former US Marine Corps reservist, Dervishian spent 15 years working in public safety as a professional firefighter. Like many firefighters, he had other interests that he was able to pursue during quiet periods at the firehouse. In his case, he found that technology was his passion and he finally left public safety to work full-time in network security.

As a contributor to Acing Evil, Dervishian brings a wealth of knowledge about security as it relates to the home user. He is an avid Internet enthusiast who enjoys helping others in the same way that he was assisted by his many associates in technology. As a co-author of our interactive newsletter, he participates in product evaluations and shares his experiences as to what is hype and what is truth so that our subscribers can make their computer systems safe, secure and most importantly; RELIABLE.