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Acing Evil

Count The Ways
A unique seminar that integrates sales, marketing and negotiating with your personal style to leverage your talents, time, and money.
A seminar restricted to professionals to focus the attention on service marketing and intangible selling.
A seminar offered in three formats to provide personalized attention and to accommodate time / budget limits

Big payback for very little payout.  Thousands of $$$ worth of consultative insights for as little as $95.00
No loss of billable time, an opportunity cost savings in excess of $500.00 due to evening & weekend private / semi-private seminars.
Free time at the end of the seminar to further discuss seminar components vis-a-vis your environment.

Variety of seminar venues: Private / Semi-Private / Public Seminars offered Days / Evenings / Weekends.
Custom seminars developed and follow-up consulting and marketing services available.

Concise reference materials provide a valuable references:  Forms, lists, and materials used by marketers for daily operations.