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Dartmouth & Indians
Dartmouth's Official Unofficial Snivelling
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Though only a class apart, Mike and I didn't know each other on campus.  It was through business, via a non-Dartmouth common associate, that we first met and then later became friends.
A few years ago, Mike asked me to help him with his class website. Neither he intended, nor I expected at the time that I would EVER become involved with Dartmouth, the college from which I had graduated "without feeling."   But, life is strange... I did become involved. As I entered text, pictures, and even obituaries, I returned to campus. Mike... Thanks for the ride.
Were it not for Mike, I can say to a certainty, that regardless of how one views my effort, this effort would have never been made.  Period.
When Dartmouth has a permanent mascot, regardless of the source, The College, too, will have Mike to thank.  His letting me roam for website content led me on a journey, whereupon I obtained just one piece of paper, that fueled this effort, which hopefully provokes The College's decision.
Life is indeed very strange.

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