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To All Students
There have been many ideas offered through the years for mascots.   
The reindeer concept promulgated here is not to "sell" my idea over any other.  It is just time for all associated with Dartmouth to make a decision, or support the unofficial one. The reindeer and other ideas in this site bring focus on this decision.
You know as well as I that not everyone likes the same of anything.  Baskin Robbins would be far more profitable selling just 1 flavor rather than 51 to satisfy a diversity of taste.  But this isn't life.  And so it is with the mascot.
It's my understanding from reading... as far away as Kansas State pub... that "Keggy" has some traction.  As a creative concept, I think that it's great.  I love beer.  Unfortunately, as a college mascot, it is a non-starter.
Eliminating Keggy leaves you with the moose... and perhaps some other ideas.  Not a lot after 33 years of many classes struggling for a mascot.
Thinks of all the  students and classes who have earnestly tried in vain, for The College never set a criteria or date by which ANY decision would be made.  
It's ironic that these efforts are the embodiment of The College motto regarding "a voice crying out it in the wilderness."
When one really analizes this entire mascot issue, especially from the classes since the 1972-74, one is struck with the idea that the mascot is more than a fuzzy icon... it is an EXPRESSED NEED BY STUDENTS AND ALUM which The College has denied serving.  One way or another, we have all experienced this unfulfilled feeling.  It is our commonality as humans.  Apparently, it is this emptiness which keeps groups coming forward with another proposal 
More than our "College" having a mascot is that WE having a mascot. 
It is our need... so let's fulfill it! 
A survey of college mascot ranges from bees to bison and turtles to tigers.  And you know, in every college, and even high school, regardless of the mascot... THE MASCOT WORKS... to represent the institution, to motivate athletic teams... and to rally the student body.  And overtime, the same genius that created KEGGY, creates the paw print for the Clemson Tigers, which is now copied by so many schools with their own mascot.
It's possible that The College will once again FAIL to support a mascot decision.  Who knows why?  The royalty business case is apparent to The College. The athletic teams would like to have one.  And students for the past thirty plus years have been "begging" for one.  Yet, to date, The College has been blind to the obvious... and the needs
So, I say, let's just go.  Since, The College confesses to being "other directed"
in their use of the Indian symbol; it's entirely possible that they will remain other directed once again.
Here's my proposal:  My best friend lives in Dartmouth, MA... also home of UMASS - DARTMOUTH.  Since you're Dartmouth students, I think that you can see where I'm heading.  But what you can't see is how:  I PROPOSE that should The College fail to make a decision by a reasonable date.... WE form a legal business entity to sell reindeer gear, of which a portion of all profits will go to support a need or study associated with the health or economy around this creature.  The corporation will ethically respresent itself as headquartered in Dartmouth MA... and disassociate itself from either Dartmouth College, or UMass Dartmouth.  There will be no use of college logos... BUT we will create and market under the names "Dartmouth Reindeer" (tm), Dartmouth Reigndeer (tm), and Reigning Dartmouth Deer (tm) goods and apparel via the internet.
Clearly, "push marketing" (attempting to sell) has failed to get The College to budge. Perhaps "pull marketing" (wanting to buy) will work.  And if it does once we have started our business, The College will have to negotiate for the trademarks which currently belong to me until assigned our new entity and goodwill.
Perhaps reindeer weren't foremost on your mind before reading this letter.
I hope that I've somewhat reordered your thinking.