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"The Big Green Ivy"

Let's just state the reasons...
Dartmouth is a founding college of the Ivy League, orginally a football conference.
Dartmouth has ivy on many of its building... grown over the years of tradition.
Dartmouth is the only Ivy League institution that has green as its primary color.
The Big Green Ivy is a factual  statement.  It is also a fun image with which to work as the mascot is covered in ivy and the sports fan rally with ivy branches in much the same way that other shake and rattle with other devices. Athletic uniforms are adorned or helmets/ caps haloed in ivy.
In all, The Big Green Ivy works!  
Doubt it?  The Canadian Maple Leafs hockey team existed before Canada adopted the Maple Leaf as the symbol for its new national flag.
There is much more that could be developed on this symbol; but then again "The Big Green Ivy" is not the centerpiece of this site... but an offering to facilitate and end the mascot/symbol decision.
One a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, post...
10 for ease of adoption (assuming that the Ivy League, itself, doesn't object) and implementation. 
7.5 for  image.  I'm like it... could even give it a 10 as image, per se.  However, unlike reindeer... there is no athletic/physical attribute, such as 32mph.
"The Clinging Vines" sounds tenacious in sport as Dartmouth's teams rally from behind to win. However, it is negative to describe an individual unless another metaphor is development, which could be done if I knew more about the "life and loves of vines"
2.5 - 5.0 for fun... and oddly
10 for academic research.  60% of all people in this country are allergic to poison ivy... And even Walter Reed Hospital, caring for troops in global environment, has only palliative remedies...  I know. I called them.  As a very allergic person, I can personally vouch for the need to "discover" ( in a visual way) the poison oil, which remains an irritant off the plant and really has no half life, and chemically neutralize it before coming into contact.  Sounds simple. Actually it is. But it remains undone.  Millions of dollars await Dartmouth for licensing this overlooked, low technology; and, millions of inflamed people are waiting for it. 
"Big Green Ivy" has a ring and a cha-ching to it!