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Righting Wrongs

To The Town of Sharon...
I come in peace. 
Though there is strong "arguement" presented in this site... and though I have very strong feeling about it... I am as certain that the Town may feel the same way about me. So, intense feelings aside... I would like to resolve two matters...the Town's faulty road re-design and my taxes... around one issue; compensation for property damages which were willfully caused and which have affected both me and my property.
For 33+ years I have been a resident of Sharon and have resided at 125 Moose Hill Parkway. Though I have really not been "a part" of the community, the part that I have been in most contact has been Public Works. As I have made several acquaintences with DPW workers, the entire matter of settling a damage done by the Town / DPW to my property is difficult. And yet, to properly present my case, I have to point out willful decisions that negatively impacted my property.
Further, since my father worked as City Auditor for the City of Pittsfield, MA for 35 years, my past-due property tax situation is for me a constant concern,  embarrassment, and frustration for I've worked (within other constraints)... and keep working to correct an underlying, personal, financial matter, which is finally happening, to pay on-going taxes.
The following pages present and a propose a financial resolution to a severe water drainage problem...  a flood retention basin willfully caused on my property by the Town and its contractor, the road construction company which "rebuilt" Moose Hill Parkway. Considering the alternatives, and the damages to date, I believe that my proposal is fair, without fault, justifiable in any public record, and a final settlement.
For any person who believes that I am just seeking to relieve my tax obligation through this matter, I direct his/her attention to the fact that I did not create this problem.  In fact, I attempted to literally and figuratively divert it.
But, it is a problem that won't go away without reasonable people dealing with it in a reasonable way. So, I hope that we can respectfully move forward.
John Sottile  

The Way It Was
Moose Hill Parkway From #125 Looking West

The Way It Was
Before 1999
More Porous Pebbled Surface
No Curbs or Cape Cod Berms
Prior to the road improvements on MHP in 1999 and Upland Road in 2001, Moose Hill Parkway had been -- to the best of my recollection -- resurfaced  two or three times since I moved on to the Parkway.  The first was tar and stone, the second a slight variation.  I'm not certain about the third.. if there even was one.  All were over the existing road which preserved all grades.
However, I am certain that the recent resurfacing was the first time that a rolled asphalt road was ever put down.  In addition to the other engineering matters that are noted within this site, this non-porous rolled surface adds its own dimension to the additional water that is now flooding 125 MHP during storms, for there is no longer absorptions provided by the fissures in the road and even the slowing of the water dispersal itself.