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The Way It Was
Moose Hill Parkway From #125 Looking West

Not So Long Ago, about 1999,
Moose Hill Parkway Was A Quaint Country Road
It had... a softer crown... a far more porous surface... no curbs except for near the Sanctuary House... no Cape Cod berms... no passing stripe... and certainly no fog lines as originally painted after resurfacing, which, thankfully, have not been repainted.
But this all changed when the Town decided to regrade and repave the Moose Hill Parkway and then Upland Road a few years later.  
The "Why" and "How"  it did is very important for the results have been destructive to MY  PROPERTY and MY PROPERTY VALUE at 125 Moose Hill Parkway.  To parody an Oldie, "It's My Property And I'll Cry If I Want To."  And I am! FOUL!
Simply, with forethought, the Town and contractor willingly re-constructed Moose Hill Parkway and latter Upland Road knowingly creating a FLOOD RETENTION BASIN on 125 Moose Hill Parkway rather than dumping the water into the Sanctuary where the natural grade and wetlands exist. As I was there daily as a first hand witness, I can attest that this was never a drawing -- stamped or otherwise -- to guide the proper decision.  
And, there can be no hiding underneath the skirt of undiscovered science.  Even a child, without understanding gravity, knows that water.. and milk... run down hill and then puddles, without his/her further understanding kenetic/potential energy.  And every civil and environmental engineer understands the consequences of constructing impervious surfaces.
Not only was this retention basin created without my permission, but disturbingly against my active protest and letter.  More disturbing is the fact that a summer storm, which proved my predicted wash-out, occurred while the road was in a
"reprocessed" but not resurfaced state, which could have allowed for a simple correction.  And of course most disturbing is the fact that despite my onsite and written protest, in my presence, willful decisions were made not to rock the road or culvert the water under the road away from my property and onto the Sanctury where the original natural grade would have directed it if there were no road all together.
Further, none of the customary environmental permits and silt barriers, which are otherwise rigorously enforced by the Town, were even attempted.  Yet, the topography and more so the water run-off characteristices of Moose Hill have been permanently altered.
To wrap:  At the time of re-construction, the Town elected to dump the water on the taxable party that they felt would scream less than the cry-baby, tax-free Sancturary, which through previous and continuous tantrums, has intimidated the entire Town from properly constructing and maintaining the roads of Moose Hill to which they have a right to exercise.  So, while the reconstruction of Moose Hill Parkway and Upland Road may be entwined in the matter of Sanctuary peacekeeping...
It Is A Simple Matter Of Equity To Me!
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125 On Left (berm) Sacturary On Right (no berm)
Berm Channels Water That Washes Sand/Debris to 125

Before The Summer Of 1999
There Was No Basin On 125 MHP Property

Moose Hill Sand, Gravel & Debris
Spring Sand Accumulates For Next Storm

A Promise Made For A Basin As Only Alternative
"This Drain Was To Be Cleaned Weekly!"

What Results In A Broken Promise?
Heartache For Some.. WASHOUTS For 125




Property Line To Left -- Washout To Right
Rapidly Developing "Delta" Soon To Spreads to 135

Can't Rock The Road or Don't Rock The Boat!
All Upland Water Rocked To 125 Side Of MHP

Road Directly Across 125 MHP
Bermless Road Allow Natural Water Absorption




Water/Crud Runoff Just Past Basin - Moderate Storm
Blocked Basin Drain Prevents Detention of Sand



" Liars Figure... Figures Lie." MINE DON'T
Pic Proves: Water Runs Inches Deep Over 4ft From BERM With Normal Summer Rain

Flood Retention Basin Grows As Sand Fills Area
Water (dark behind sand) Spreads Toward House