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The Ugliest Intersection In Sharon
It Was Once Open, Clean And  Safe
Today It's Restricted, A Mess, Plus
Too Tight To Be Safe 

Once An Open An Beautiful Intersection
Divert A Once Straight Road - Drivers Vote With Drive-Overs

The Ugliest Intersection In Sharon
It Was Once Open, Clean And  Safe
Today It's Restricted, A Mess, Plus
Too Tight To Be Safe 
There has been a trend in the State, Cities,Towns (even mall parking lots such as Tri Town) to restrict intersection to better "organize" the flow of traffic.  Of course, this is ridiculous.  While this intersection was being "remodeled, I wrote a letter to the DPW and met with a gentlemen there and the Police Chief.  I predicted its doom.  It has come true.
Campus planners learned long ago to place walkways where the students best determined them to be through their own use.  With this intersection, people were happy where the road was... and daily, they are now expressing their displeasure with where it is.  Further, I have even witness Town vehicles using this area for parking and standing.
(A few pines were plants near the private fence, but note... not a tree  was planted by the fence section which is used for access to fill the side yard.) 
I view this to be the same attitude that created the 125 MHP water problem.
There was forewarning by me... There was even a rain storm and washout to valid my warning before paving... There was my protest about the berms... After the berms the driveways were then provided a berm... And even after the storm drain was created as an only resort... the Town then paved Upland Road, rocked it, and created berms all along.  This tripled the amount of run-off on my property
Who should suffer such recklessness?  The Town... or its Citizens?
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Dirt Marks The Old Road

Once No Signs - Now 3 Warn Of Curve

Drivers Know Best

And What Is This About

Ugliness Made Uglier Through Personal Use

The Below Sign & Bridge Repair Signs... All Now Removed...
Remained Posted For Months, Even Years
Past Completion 

This Sign Olus Other As The Bidge Repair
Linger Far Beyond The End Of Construction