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Basin Street Blues
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

Given no other option after the re-construction...
I was forced/duped into accepting this ugly basin, or nothing!

Basin Street Blues
Just Look At This Mess!
Before the road re-construction, my property street line was unfettered.  After the reconstruction of MHP, the basin was offered as the ONLY option to better handle the water run-off.  It was a basin to "nowhere" which provided AT BEST a detention pit until the storm water overflowed the pipe exiting onto my property.  It was promised that the grate would be maintained clean by the Town. It has not been, except for Spring sweeping.
Further, to the best of my recollection, the basin was installed between the time that MHP was re-constructed and Upland Road which occurred two years later.  After my protestation about the Cape Cod Berms, I could have never anticipated their application on Upland Road.  Also, after being told of the absolute inability to "rock" the road, I could have never imagined that someone would "rock" the road at the intersection of Upland with MHP to make certain that all of the water from Upland Road came down the hill on my side as opposed to at least half being left at the intersection to drain onto Sanctuary property.  A berm extention further insures that water won't flow onto the Sanctuary.  

Water "Rocking" Across Upland Onto My Side Of MHP
Intersection of MHP & Upland Road ~ 1/4 Mile From 125 MHP

This photo was taken when it was hardly raining!
for run-off volumes

Intersection MHP & UR
Note Berm Extention Ending In Lower Left