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New England Patriots:  Sexually Harassed?
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" O! Ye that love mankind!   Ye that dare
   oppose not only tyranny, but the tyrant,
Stand Forth! "
Thomas Paine, Common Sense 1776
New England has always had its patriots.

Over 200 years ago, some were responsible for the

"Shot That Was Heard Around The World,"

The American Revolution.

Today, we have other men --

interestingly known as New England Patriots --

who are responsible for yet another "shot" of equal retort

within the United States... the locker room incident.

The "Incident" places squarely on the table the topics of individual rights

versus equal rights as determined by the court;

changing attitudes about what is right;

the power-brokers that can make things right;

perceptions of double standards; and the

apparent long-term failure of both genders in coming to terms

with most issues... locker rooms for certain.


Today, great adjectives are attributed to our founding fathers,

though at the time of their revolting behavior,

the majority of people in the Colonies called them scallywags,

revolutionaries, criminals, and treasonous infidels.

And again today, there are cries of Neanderthals, pigs, jerks and more

to men of a team known as Patriots.


The question is...

Are these revolting men as currently ascribed by others' name calling,

or if the comparison may be made,

are they men revolting (knowingly or unknowingly) against the

taxing burden of exploitation and forced nudity as true patriots?


If the players are revolting, then against whom?

Women? Women in locker rooms? The court ruling? A double standard?

Team management?  Or the NFL for not providing privacy?


John David Sottile
Copyright 1990 - Present   John David Sottile, "MAN ALIVE, HuMankind Is Back!" tm

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John David Sottile

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