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EXPERIENCE:  Our expertise is business to business marketing ranging from high tech to no tech, and direct business to consumer marketing.  Our innovative approaches to sales and sales training make every territory an entrepreneurial opportunity.  This keeps your "money machine" lean and not mean, but lively.  
DISCIPLINE:  We have structured methodologies which enable us to turbo-charge your efforts and provide pragmatic control systems.  All activities are documented.  Reports are provided as agreed upon.  And we provide a detailed orientation program for every person assigned to a project team.
RESULTS ORIENTATION:  Our consulting and services are focused on tactics.  We believe in top-down strategic plans, but know that a great plan unexecuted is worse than a bad plan that is worked.  Humans are heuristic by nature, seldom getting it right at first, adapting to realities as they occur.  A better tomorrow is best achieved by good today.  Successful marketing tactics that drive sales are the "daily bread" that grow strategic plans.  Trees grow from the bottom...up.  So do businesses. 
FLEXIBILITY:  Our flexibility, which results from our tempermant, makes us ideal for prototyping marketing systems to either be taken inhouse or outsourced at the appropriate time.  We can implement and enhance your marketing plans, improve your company's standard of excellence, and improve results.  Services range to fit your timeframe, budget, and goals.
TRANSPARENCY:  We work as your ally without disrupting your operation. No head count increase.  No benefits and taxes.  No hiring guidelines.  No extra office space.  And we're sensitive to the impact of outside consultants coming into a company.
TIMELINESS:  When the problem is solved, we expect that you ask us to leave.  Our goal is to make your organization self-sufficient... not "needy!"  Who needs that?