Our Marketing "Tele"-Concept vs Offending Telemarketing

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Our Marketing "Tele"-Concept vs Offending Telemarketing
Why Engage S*W*A*T

A Way Of Thinking
Tow... Throw... Row... Go!
by John David Sottile
A Concept That's Good Enough To Save Lives
Is Good Enough To Save You Money
While Achieving Your Goals 
I originated my TELE- CONCEPT on the Telex/TWX networks in the mid '70s -- long before the word "telemarketing" became fashionable... and now, unfortunately, objectionable due to misuse.
The Greek word "tele" means remote, or at-a-distance, which implies no singular reference to voice or telephones.  Consequently, my TELE-CONCEPTUAL MARKETING (sm) is a way of thinking, planning, and ultimately doing, which seeks to affect business remotely... or without costly in-person representation whenever, and wherever possible.  This truly is a "force multiplier" as it reduces costs while it increases uptime activity.
To this "tele" end, I work to coordinate structured tactical activities around anticipated marketing goals.  It is this commitment to an organized and highly refined "tele" approach that best assures your company's sales and marketing success... even if your business/industry traditionally requires in-territory, face-to-face time!
My "tele" approach is based upon the sound tenets of water life saving
where there are two goals:
To remove the drowning victim from harm's way.
To prevent the rescuer from falling into harm's ways.
Hang with me while I develop the analogy... 
Drowning victims have one goal:  "To get the hell out of the water!"  This is the same goal of the rescuer.  However, victims' drives are so strong that they often climb on top of their rescuers, thus jeopardizing their own survival.  To prevent this, savvy lifesavers minimize their risks while still rescuing the victim.  They employ the following discipline... 
TOW... THROW... ROW... GO! 
The bamboo pole that one sees by the pool serves the TOW; it's a direct connection which can literally be jammed into the person to have them reflexively grab it.  The rope with life ring serves the THROW; though not as accurate as the pole for it can miss, it too,  is a direct connection once grasped.  At the beach, the dingy or surfboard serves the ROW; it's slower, but necessary by distance, and once out to the person a direct connection is made when s/he grasps the boat or board... Failing the other methods to make the direct connection, the rescuer must the GO into the water which can be just as costly for the rescuer as the victim.  Victims sometime survive while their rescuers drown.   Knowing this, rescuers sometime have to literally knock-out their panicked rescue before hauling them to safety.
So it is with the above goal-risk model in mind, I interweave and implement my proprietary "tele" approach to leverage your company's marketing efforts and dollars. And, having been working with online timesharing and databases since the early '70s, I view today's Internet / Website / Email Targetcasting (sm) as powerful new "tele" approaches for pulling in..or rescuing... your customers.
The last situation which any company wants to find itself in is the GO mode,
where prospects survive while the company and salespeople
drown due to either lost sales, or profit-eroding,
excessive, sales and marketing costs.
Trust me...  Prospects far outlive companies, especially small, young ones;
for in competitive captalism, the consumer ultimately wins.
And as far as knocking-out prospects... Sure, I can teach your salesforce and marketing departments how to do that, too. After all, just as lifesavers have to "convince" the scared-out-of-their-wits victims that they won't save them unless they calm down, a company has to instill a sales discipline that both implies the same to prospects... and does the same, thus leaving the prospects to be "floated" by a marketing support department while the salesforce snags another person "into the boat."
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And, to complete the above lifesaving analogy...

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                                                                                  John David Sottile