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Why Engage S*W*A*T

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EXPERIENCE:  Our expertise is business to business marketing ranging from high tech to no tech, and direct business to consumer marketing.  Our in depth commitment to customer service distinguishes our approach.  Our innovative approaches to sales training make every territory an entrepreneural opportunity.  And, our fund-raising concepts are designed to serve the giver as much as the receiver.
DISCIPLINE:  We have structured methodologies which enable us to supercharge your efforts.  Our pragmatic control systems have proven results.  All activities are documented.  Reports are provided as agreed upon.  And, we provide a detailed orientation program for each person assigned to the team.
RESULTS ORIENTATION:  Our consulting and services are focused on present tactics.  We believe in top-down strategic plans, but know that a great plan unexecuted is worse than a bad plan that is "worked."  Humans are heuristic by nature, seldom getting it right at first, adapting to realities as they occur.  A better tomorrow is best achieved by a good today.  Marketing tactics that drive sales are the "daily bread" that grow strategic plans.
FLEXIBILITY:  Our flexibility, which results from our tempermant, makes us a perfect resource for prototyping marketing systems that are to either be taken inhouse, or outsourced at the appropriate time.  Further, we can implement/enhance your marketing plans, while maintaining (often improving) your company's standard of excellence.  We offer services to fit your timeframe, budget, and goals.
TRANSPARENCY:  We work as your ally without disrupting your operation. No head-count increases.  No benefits and taxes.  No hiring guidelines.  No extra office space.
TIMELINESS:  As your "reserve unit," you can call us as needed.  When the problem is solved,
WE EXPECT to leave.  Our goal is to help develop self-sufficient businesses... not needy clients. 

Sottile's Winning Action Team
"Marketing Tactics Make Corporate Strategies Happen!"
                                                                                  John David Sottile