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Males, Females, And Nudity In A Locker Room
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With the Law of Averages being what it is, we do not doubt

there are many who are content with the current way of

reporting sport events. Of roughly 1260 football players,

there must be some who don't care who sees them naked. In

fact, there must be some 100 plus Adonises who downright

enjoy it! Of the women sportswriters, there must be some who

have no problem, some that do and "tough it out," and those

who stay out of the locker rooms altogether. And for the

League, teams and media, the Law of Averages must apply,

though on the surface, the arrangement seems to work well.


Professional sports, the media, the sponsors and the

subsequent fan following -- measured in tickets, trinkets,

viewership and readership -- provide the cornerstones of a

big business. It's a symbiotic system of interrelated

structural supports. And like all systems, it turns into a

house of cards if one part fails.


Where do naked athletes get dressed in this house?


It seems unlikely that whatever the answer is today will

remain the answer, tomorrow. The interpretation of sexual

harassment laws are already broad and are broadening. The

realization of this fact along with the increased

awareness/insistence by athletes to their right to privacy,

and the renewed movement toward true equality by women sport

reporters will force the League, team ownership/management

and media management to ask and answer the question, "Is the

current locker room arrangement in our best interest?"


The prudent-person rule indicates "No." The risks are far

greater than the rewards. Beside the usual "death and

taxes," in the US there are two other certainties in 1990:

1. Place concrete, uranium, and a heat exchanger next

to flowing water and an anti-nuclear power protest  will occur.

2) Place a male, a female, and nudity in a "hostile work

environment" and a nuclear reaction will occur...

the fallout being sexual harassment lawsuits from

either or both sides.


The locker room scoop -- the current cause for nudity --

is not a critical success factor in  the reporting of sports... 

It is an "equal" advantage to all  male reporters. 

Hence, to them it's not even a benefit.  But it does advantage

them over females reporters.


When the Incident first occurred, opinions were pretty well

predicated by gender... especially among women who felt that

women had a right to be in the men's locker room, period. As

time has passed, both genders are less strident and now

commonly recognize that the better way to secure the female's

right to a living and the male athlete's right to privacy is

to shield all the media from the nudity. Amazing! Their

opinion is precisely what the court determined in pivotal

case of Ludtke v. Kuhn which gave women access to the locker rooms.


We will explore all the above, further.  But first let's go for a little

Constitutional Rights refresher.

" O! Ye that love mankind!   Ye that dare
   oppose not only tyranny, but the tyrant,
Stand Forth! "
Thomas Paine, Common Sense 1776