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It's A Shame
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"Flag" The NFL For  Flagrant Violations

It's a shame that women sports reporters have not gone back

into court demanding permanent privacy shields behind which

no reporters could go under the argument that locker room

access and opposite gender nudity is not equal, for there is

a flaw as inherent in this arrangement as there is in the

"separate but equal."


It's a shame that the athletes have not insisted on the

permanent privacy or the exclusion of all reporters from the

private areas. Had they continually disclosed their feelings

of discomfort prior to the Incident, their disclosure would

have been viewed as pro-active instead of reactive.


It's a shame that the media has not called the teams and

league management to task for not providing their reporters

permanent privacy areas which would have truly allowed all

to practice their profession on an equal basis -- including

the "excluded" female reporters who being either sensitive to

players' privacy requests, or not up to the onslaught of

taunts and frustrations have not entered the locker rooms.


Ultimately, it's a shame that the National Football League

has not insisted that all locker rooms, in all NFL stadiums

and practice areas, have permanent privacy areas and a strict

dress code for all players that venture beyond the privacy

barriers. Had the NFL done so, all of the above parties

would have an expectation of behavior and conditions. Coach

Wyche would relax; the players would relax; and the female

reporters would relax. Change starts from the top with the

promulgation of rules which modify behavior. The better the

rules, the better the attitudes about the change.

" O! Ye that love mankind!   Ye that dare
   oppose not only tyranny, but the tyrant,
Stand Forth! "
Thomas Paine, Common Sense 1776