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My current comments about this article:

The Extreme Entrepreneurs

Despite all the business hoopla about enabling an entrepreneurial spirit, the fact remains -- even more so with that other great business process euphemistically called "resizing" -- that very few employees trust that their involvement in a failed corporate venture will be anything but their ticket out the door.

This creates a corporate need for a risk-taking pros... specialists who can maximize the chance for success, nurture the fledgling operation, and take the "hit," if there is anything less than a "Bingo!"

These are times for Extreme Entrepreneurs

The Extreme Entrepreneurs, "Extremes," possess qualities not found in career management... even a career managers who has undertaken intrapreneurial endeavors.  The difference is "Skin."  And that's all the difference in the world!

Career intrapreneurs always walk the risk/reward tight-rope with a safety net.  If a venture fails, the firm takes the financial hit.  Any loss to the intrapreneurs is in the future... future promotions, earnings, or whatever.  No career intrapreneur ever directly lost  hard-earned accumulated wealth because of a failed venture.  To an intrapreneurs, the "manana" of true potential wealth is as diaphianous as their "skin" investment is epithelial.

Extreme Entrepreneurs, however, never have the luxury of a safety-net.  They cut their teeth chomping on their own cash... and have learned to respect it so many ways, all of which benefits their next gig.  Even with investors, Extremes have skin -- layers of skin -- in the "game," for a loss does not translate solely into a future loss, but a present one as well:  An opportunity cost for sure... and most likely a personal wealth loss as well.

Also, the Extreme Entrepreneurs possess dimensions beyond those of "entrepreneurs" who duplicate an exisiting idea to get their share of the market...  be it a pizza parlor or cyber-cafe.  Frankly, these people are business owners playing a game where the odds for success are already calculated:  Yup, people eat pizza. Yup, build a pizza and they will come, especially if it is bigger 'n better tasting for the same money.   And,  if they don't come to you... offer the double-or-nothing... Free Delivery with a tasty coupon-with- purchase to assure the next order.  Trust me, Extreme Entrepreneurs never wait up saying, "It's time to make the donuts,"... pizza, or whatever four other people are awaking for in the same town.    

The Extremes are pathmakers, not pathfinders... pioneers, not settlers.  For them breathing life into any nacent concept is everything.  Using muliple skill sets, they have usually been involved in numerous ventures, often in many industries from high tech business-to-business through no-tech, business to comsumer.  Extremes view the challenging tests of each new venture as the lessons for the next.  And they make it their lives building resources libraries and obtaining obscure insights that some day may spark their next creative concept or solution.

Therefore, Extremes should only be deployed in ventures that have never attempted, unsuccessfully completed, or are too "risky" for career intrapreneurs.   They should never be used for a "copy-cat" launch.

Extreme Entrepreneurs are to business, what basic researchers are to science.  They are specialist seasoned in conceiving, gestating and birthing a self-sufficient business or business unit under any finacial condition. 

For this reason, it makes extreme sense to deploy the savvy and temperament of Extreme Entrepreneurs to lead your next, uncharted, business expedition.

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