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My current comments about this article:

Marketing Triggers


1. Referral Offer - Offer an inducement for those who give

referrals of other potential prospects.

2. Unconditional Guarantee - Return the caller's money if

they are not completely satisfied.

3. Free Trial - Adds credibility to program and assures the


4. Free Gift or Information - Increases the percieved value

of the program.

5. Bonus for Immediate Action - provides incentive to call

and or leave name and address.

6. Trade Ins - Offer a rebate or discount for trade in.

7. Rebate - Customer realizes a discount.

8. Limited Time Offer - incentive to act quickly.

9. Rebate for Upsell - offer to rebate the cost of the call

if customer upgrages or buys larger quantity.

10. Free Samples - Gets product in consumers' hands.

11. Free Premiums (tickets, coupons) - Give away as


12. Investment Offer -

13. Charter Membership - Customer "belongs" to special


14. Donation - Portion of proceeds of call will go to

charity, political funds, etc.

15. Two for One - Buy one get two.

16. Bounce Back Offer - included with fulfillment, acts as

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                                                                   John David Sottile