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Help Me Out! 
When I was a kid, I could run into any paint store... ask the counterperson for a gallon of "Dartmouth Green" paint... and absolutely be certain that I would walk out with a gallon of deep green paint, which today is called Hunter Green, Bristol Green, or some other "baronial" image name.  It's the above center color with the question marks. 
We all know this color.  It's the background color of the felt banners with white lettering that The College displays at College functions. 
But, what happened to "Dartmouth Green?"  Where did it go?  Who hijacked it?
Five years ago, I watched Dartmouth's football team take the field in a home-game, green jersery that made me think that I was at Notre Dame during one of those surprise "Fighting Irish" jersey days. "Paddie, ol' boy, that green was heading toward Kelly."
Then, when I first reveiwed The College website over two years ago, I thought that I was looking at the Philadelphia Eagles new colors, or the interim uniform of the Seattle Seahawks in their transition from their fresh, (but overused by others) bright green and blue to their newer steely colors, which have now morphed to deep silver blue. 
When I first started researching the mascot, I received a copy of an official statement ( well one can never be too certain -- perhaps it was "unofficial" ) that stated that Dartmouth Green is PMS 349. (PMS = Pantone Matching System (tm) ).  Further the hexidecimal Internet equivalent is 006b3f, for which the closest "web safe color" (seen by all browsers the same) = 006633.
Get the asprins... I'm having a brain cramp!
This is approximately the lower right representation in the box above.
No wonder paint store clerks look pained when I now ask for "Dartmouth Green."
They're as confused as I am.
And if this is not bad enough, for non-webmasters, there are only 256 colors which are "web safe"  -- i.e., every browser represents them accurately, and (drum roll please ) PMS 349 is not one of them!
Hold on a minute:  If You (relax, that's a formal you) are one of, if not THE MOST computer literate colleges in the country... from the Basic programming language to a premier wireless campus... and if You were about to radically change your "branded" PMS color so far from the original that few will recognize it, wouldn't You at least pick a color, that is represented in the same way through the world's greatest publishing medium? 
Gee, I would at least work from from the Web backwards.  ( I know... Get the smelling salts; the graphics arts department at the Hop just passed out!  That is, if they ever have regained conscientious after reviewing the discombobulated Alumni Magazine covers.)
Hopefully, in the near future, the Web will provide the flexibility to digitally print all ink colors and the process will return to normal. 
But since we are addressing symbol and gender equalities and realities of the times, should we also not deal with the realities of history's most powerful communication medium? 
There are two websafe greens which are commonly used over the Internet to represent "Dartmouth Green."  There is a very deep green...
HEX 003300
and then there is the lighter...
HEX 006600
The deeper color is the "rich" green; it only suffers over the web due to visitors having older tube monitors through which this green can actually appear black due to the tube aging.  The brighter green does not have this web problem but may not be the commonly considered "Dartmouth Green" by many.
As for the PMS 349, (HEX 006B3F which must be represented with HEX 006633,
HEX 006633 - CLOSEST TO PMS 349
it's a very pleasant, stylish, "newer" color... We can all see it in use and fashion.
It's only problem: The paintstore clerk insists that this is not Dartmouth Green.
The clerk insists that this is
 "Dartmouth Green!"
And, my old Big Green gear indicates that the clerk is correct!
Of course this leads to a bigger question:  Whether The College is just attempting to replace a mascot / symbol... or attempting to "make-over" the entire college?
From the color discord, mascots du jour, certain delisted traditional songs which had little to do with mascots, colors, genders, but history, one could easily conclude that The College has been attempting to solve several simultaneous equations... concurrently..  This is difficult because it has has moved too many "core" concepts/values without first solving the "EMOTIONAL X" factor.
Despite the human complexity, the EMOTIONAL X is really very simple: 
 Most people resist change, regardless of its value. 
There are very few "early adopters" for any concept, or market.  So, change must be "officially" introduced with honesty, plus implemented and managed with measured steps.
All of which drives home the corollary: If people resist change, in general, they get downright P-Oed when someone attempts to change more than one of their variables at the same time!  Expect the cry "You're pulling my chain!" for, indeed, one is, if s/he is attempting multiple, simultaneous changes. 
Baby-steps are good.
So... introduce the HEX 006633 as the new accent to the traditional "Dartmouth Green" and wrap this beautiful color combination around a beautiful creature that has the powerful image of the male moose, and represents powerful females as well.  Is this so difficult?

Why Has This Picture Been So Difficult To Achieve?




The Reigning Dartmouth Deer

Here's a slick piece of software that
matches PMS Numbers to HEX Numbers.
Enter 006B3F and you will get
and exact match for PMS 349
Enter 006633 and you will get
the websafe match for PMS 349
Select 30 colors... click see PMS
use slide bar to see all colors
which may be below your screen.

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