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Welcome to
   HuMankind Is Back!
Thanks for taking the time to visit and hopefully 
 to read a few of my efforts and thoughts.
MAN ALIVE is my self-funded initiative which began in 1985.
At the time, it focused primarily on issues of human dignity.
Originally, the tagline was "Mankind Is Back."  But this was changed.
Some people, mostly women, thought of it a men's issue forum. 
So, I added the "Hu" to make "Mankind" more inclusive.
When I came up with the taglines, I was attempting to restore,
or harken back, to a dignities which I perceived to be missing.
Today, I seriously question whether they ever existed. 
Regardless, with the infinite leverage of the internet,
MAN ALIVE's has a potential worldwide reach.
Reports that were once give to individuals,
can now be published for all to read. 
My self-funding unfortunately works as a double-edged sword:
Without sponsors, I'm free to say what I want about anything.
But!  Without sponsors, I'm limited to what I can cover...
So, I must pick my "fights!"
Most scraps that I get into are driven by a personal passion;
others, by the stupifying events surrounding an event.
I attempt to present my position and previal
using the leverage of logic and laws. 
I hardly expect that everyone will agree with me...
all, or even part of the time.  I look forward to your lively debate.
With each confrontation my position is either modifed or solidified...
It never remains unchanged.
For me, constructive aurgument is the process of considered thought.
Ultimately, if you disagree with me enough, I heartily encourage you
to build your own site and promulgate your points for argument.
This Is America!

John David Sottile

 ™ "MAN ALIVE, HuMankind Is Back!"  taken as a whole is a trademark of John David Sottile which was first established by use in 1985.  As "man alive" is not only a common expression, but used by others, MA/HIB is a shortcut also used to uniquely refer to this endeavor where MAN ALIVE alone might cause confusion.
1985 - 2006 John David Sottile  All Rights Reserved.
" If The Meek Shall Inherit This Earth...
What Will Happen To All Us Tigers? "