SOTTILE: Kerrigan Rebuttle
Sotts Clubs Author Chris
Tonya & Nancy
Opposites Don't Attract!

My Rebuttal To Boston Globe Article
by Chris Reidy 

"Sugar And Ice And Things Not So Nice"

I promised myself that I would follow the Nancy/Tonya matter and Nancy thereafter, but not to get involved.  The Sunday Globe's article in Focus, subtitled "Nancy Kerrigan loses to an impossible double standard," changed my mind.  The Nancy issue had a new spin... gender... no in fact "Teflon in testosterone." That's my quarry.

I champion androgyny. That is until there is an article regarding gender double standards and the author hides behind a unisex name such as Chris, as in Chris Reidy. So Chris to be blunt, if you have any testosterone, Teflon or not, call yourself Christopher, otherwise Christine will do in future gender articles.

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