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"We The People" Rule!
Gotta Beef - Blog It! -- Link to "We The People Rule Blog"
Gotta Beef - Blog It!
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JDS: "War's Expense Report"
JDS: "A Hero Is A Hero"
JDS: "Where Were You?"

About Blogs and Blogging
What's a blog?
"Blog" is short for "Weblog," which is a type of website, often an online journal or diary. Many people choose to keep blogs instead of maintaining traditional websites because blogs are much easier to update. Blogs are text based and no HTML is required to set them up or to edit them -- just fill out a form!

How is a blog different from building a web site?
A blog is made of the same raw material as a web site - html, text, images - and is meant to be viewed in a browser. It's generally easier to use, since the user is guided by a template for entries, and content is automatically organized by date and time. Blogs generally live within a web site (though they don't have to), and can have a web address (domain name) attached to them.

What are the features of Blog Builder?
 Post new entries and edit existing ones
 Add boldface, italics, underlining, or links
 Add comments to entries, which can be moderated
 Automatic organization of entries by time/date
 Select a look or layout (18 are provided with the tool)
 Add or change links to other sites

A Chance To Count
What's so powerful about the web is the opportunity to share our thoughts and to exchange ideas.

Blogging adds a new, personal dimension.  Perhaps some will liken a blog to a bulletin board with the blogger being the moderator.  A case could be made.   But blogging allows other functions as well

Let me tell you how to get hooked up.


It's Up To You
What's so powerful about the web is the opportunity
to share our thoughts and to exchange ideas.
It's difficult to track all controversy.
But it's easy to champion your favorite cause.
If you create a blog and wish to have it linked with
"We the People Rule's Portal Blog"
contact me with your info. 
It Will Happen!
So, whether we make contact or not,
Good Fortune To You!