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Yesterday's vote was all about an awakening...
a nation turning a new leaf...
Wherever Bill and Hillary campaigned..
their endorsed candidates lost...
The Kennedy name could not move Maryland
to vote for Townsend, a Kennedy....
Senator Kennedy and other South Boston pols
could not save Shannon O'Brien from her own
sassy mouth, her past ways, and her cronyism.
In liberal Massachusetts, it was overwhelmingly
voted that schools should teach in ENGLISH --
quite a novel idea for effete Cambridge liberals.
People...throughout the nation are absolutely fed up
with political obstructionist, like Sen. Tom Daschle,
who insist that incompetent or unwilling civil servants
are "owed" their jobs, while people in the private sector
are issued walking papers daily, for no reason at all...
and in the breeze are our butts without an Office of
Homeland Security.
And Homeland Security is important... important enough
for Saxby Chambliss to defeat Max Clellan...and an outstanding
American, heroic Vietnam War Vet and very unfortunate triple
amputee... who did not fight for the bill.
In Minnesota... tributes to a fallen Senator should be tributes
and not, political "A" List rallies which awaken the opposition
... along with political heirlooms such as Former Senator Mondale.
In New Jersey....  if you're a Republican running against a scum-bag, 
like (D) Torricelli, one still needs to have a political agenda other than
just running against a creep; people want positive action not just the
removal of a bad seed, for offering anything less you will leave you
denuded when forced to run against a retiring, political statesman.
And, if you are Terry McAuliff of the DNC, who has made millions
on a corporate scandal, yet "represents the working people's party"....
maybe it's time to update your pitch and resume....
'Cuz, honey, the working people have spoken... in turnouts
far greater than expected... and their message this A.M. is
absolutely clear.  Terry, they didn't hear a message -- any message --
and that's unfortunate, for there were/are some very clear issues
around which even I could rally as an American.
Absent a legitimate, opposing message, this nation now finds itself in
the disconcerting position (at least for Americans who love "checks 'n balances")
of the House, Senate & Presidency all controlled by one party 
(of note...  political parties were never mentioned in the Constitution)
with Attorney General John Ashcroft in the Catbird Seat.  
As Cheech and Chong would say, "Mauwie Wowie!"
However, more than a Republican landslide, and/or Presidential
popularity/coat-tails, this election was about a desire for ACTION.
Americans love action... in their lives... their sports...
plus in their national debate... which must ultimately
lead to a national action, not just gridlock.
So... the Republicans now have two years to put their
agenda into action and their points up on the board. 
And if they don't, their names and numbers will be
deservedly and surely taken down. 
Because ultimately,  "We The People"Still Rule;
and we just proved it.
P.S.  Las Vegas... I said LAS VEGAS... even voted to
not recognize same sex commitments as marriages
and to keep less than 3 oz. of "personal" pot illegal.
Even I'm flummoxed by this vote from the no-holds-barred
captial of the world which once again relishes the title,
"Sin City" now that it has forsaken the absurd "family
amusement" concept, which it thought it could sell with
a roller-coaster atop a building and other novel ideas.
Fasten your seat belts..."We're Entering Tumultuous Times!"
Good Fortune To You!

" O! Ye that love mankind!   Ye that dare
   oppose not only tyranny, but the tyrant,
Stand Forth! "
Thomas Paine, Common Sense 1776