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"My Dartmouth" Mascot Forward & Overview
Dartmouth Since The Indian
Reindeer and Caribou ---> Only Decision
Mascot D(ecision)-Day For Big D
Getting On Down To The Mascot Business
ANTLERS TO ANTLERS From History to the Future Lord Dartmouth's Antlered Coat of Arms
Reindeer Centerfolds
Getting To Reindeer / Caribou
Reindeer / Caribou at the Combines
Reindeer vs Moose -- Winner Is Reindeer / Caribou
Reindeer & Dartmouth Past & Present Academics EXCELLENT NEWS
Reindeer & Dartmouth Winter Carnival
Reindeer On Mainstreet Mean Refined Antlers & A New Hanover Chic
Reindeer On Mainstreet Mean Adult & Kid Fashions A New Hanover Look
Reindeer @ Dartmouth Rudolph Is Separate
Reindeer & Secular Santa Not Religion
Dartmouth & Indians
Dartmouth's Official Unofficial Snivelling
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The Action-Oriented Editorial Website
Based On First-Hand
Perception & Participation
This website is my personal effort; it's a pleasure to offer it to you.  Feel free to use it... reference it... link to it... print pages from it... and e-mail it to other people.  Wear it out! 
Nonetheless, the original content is copyrighted... as are reserved the trademarks, tradenames, logos, slogans,  if any.  Not all information, especially graphics, in this website has been created, or is owned by me.  I have used images from other sites which have been included in the links at the bottom of specific pages.  See "Disclaimers."
"My Darmouth" is intended to be a "constructive" site, where Dartmouth alumni, especially the "Disenfranchised" ), students, parents, and others associated with The College, (let's call them "qualified sources") will have a place to "pitch" their idea(s) to better The College, as they see it.  To maintain the integrity of this purpose, qualified sources submitting ideas will be asked to identify their Class, or relationship, plus full contact information. They will be responsible for the content of their submission(s), which will published on separate pages, or through a link to their site, which will be so noted.  Ideas, offered in the spirit of "My Dartmouth Ethic", which are digitally prepared and submitted via email to digitally verify submission, will be posted on a first-come-first-served "best effort" basis.
This site is intended to be a "slate" for The College read. It is not intented to become a blog, interactive bulletin board, or agony column.  If you wish to contact a writer, you can do so directly by using the contact information provided. And, if you want to build your case further with The College, take it up with The College directly, or indirectly through Dartmouth Clubs, Classes or other media outlets.
Your formal submission of idea(s) (i.e., a developed problem/solution discussion) is encouraged; however, I caution against your unsolicited submission of undeveloped ideas, (i.e., "Hey, John, have you thought about this... ").  Since I have no formal legal mechanism to shield me from your disclosure, I can only accept your disclosure as freely given, thus requiring neither compensation nor inclusion; additionally, I will consider your idea to be my property with an unlimited right to use it for any purpose.  So, if you still have that insatiable itch to see your idea in pixels, develop it formally and submit it digitally to become a separate page. 
I'll make a reasonable effort to maintain this site for your use.  But, I'm dealing with online web servers / networks, per chance stealthy hackers, and my own time limitations; so, I cannot warranty "up-time" or freedom from any computer virus. This means that the site may not be available to you just when you need it most. Therefore, under no circumstances will I be liable for any loss of use and for any consequences which arise from the same. It is recommended that you backup material of interest, as there is also no guarantee how long material will remain published online.
Unlike other disclaimers, I'm "stand-up" enough to shoulder the responsibility for my own content in this site.  However, I am not responsible for materials either provided by others, which will be noted, or provided through links. Other than my own content, all other material is presented without edit.  This unaltered inclusion allows me to disclaim any liability for the other entities' opinions, accuracy, context, negligence, misrepresentations, infringements, plagiarisms, or warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use, if appropriate.   Moreover, I am neither responsible for hyperlinks to which I directly link, nor "nested" links further removed, which may exist within a site.  An entity's inclusion in this site implies neither my favorable opinion, nor endorsement / guarantee. I make no claim, promise, or guarantee about the overall accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this website; in fact, I expressly disclaim liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this website.  Frankly, if you believe that you can do better, I encourage your effort.  Competition brings the best out in us all.
Finally, I do not... collect data on you, or your computer... drop "cookies" onto your computer... or collect your email address, if sent, for sale, or further solicitation, unless you have specifically requested that we do so.  However,I cannot assure the same for sites to which you link via this site, or the internet service provider(s) hosting this site. 
Hopefully, the above words coat me with enough non-stick material to keep me free from the grasp of tacky legal hands.  Nonetheless, I will make reasonable changes to embellish, limit, or correct materials used in this site. 
Ultimately, "My Dartmouth" is an action-oriented editorial website based on first-hand perceptions.  It is hoped that visitors appreciate its content and purpose.