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To The Alumni
If you are an alum who holds onto the Indian image and symbols of the past, I understand.  In truth, I only recently discovered, that these symbols were never "offically" adopted by The College... or so it claims. 
But make no mistake... the Indian symbol was adopted by The College!  I'm no lawyer, but to argue in lay terms, there are concepts of implied consent, which basically states that one cannot hide behind "unofficial" or "no representative of mine," etc. in efforts to escape an obligation created through this wink & nod complicity. 
The College is childlike in it denial... After all I have an ROTC and a Dartmouth Band patch where the Indian is a  large and integral part of the logo.  Frankly whoever spun this "unofficial" crap is full of the same!  I can't be more honest. 
I don't know whether The College has ever apologized to the alumni for this misrepresentation.  While I doubt that it was every meant to be willful, it was nonetheless a fraud created on us who were affected by it.  If for no other reason, The College should apologize for the dislocation of feeling.
But, time moves on... and the choice is ours to stay frozen in time, concept, and anger... or move one.  For myself, I'm movin' on.  The Indian symbol, while a part of my life at Dartmouth, was but a fraction of The College's life.   And with every passing year, it becomes even a smaller percentage.  Already, College has already existed 60% as long without it as with it.
My wish is that you seriously consider moving on.  Were it not for the reindeer, the ancestors to the very people for whom the college was founded would have never made it to New World and New England. 
As for the aging Dartmouth Review which peddles paraphernalia emblazoned with Indian symbol, I recommend that you carry a new line.  Your market segment is dying off.
Nonethess, for the alums who chose to hold on to the past,  it is my hope that you will survive and thrive beyond the day when The College has existed longer without the Indian Symbol than with it.