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"Vox Clamantis In Deserto"





"The Big Green Pine"

It's understood that students have previously trashed The Dartmouth Pine representing The College...

But then again, they're students and not teachers. 

Were they teachers, they would understand the strength of the this rich Dartmouth symbol... and understanding that only comes with life experience garnered through annual spins around the sun.

"Time" is the ulimate teacher .  And the "Test of Time," is the ultimate proof to the teaching.

For this reason, the selection of "The Pine" is a decision which only Dartmouth "elders" can make.

Let's just look at the picture...

Unfettered and uncrowded, nature will always balance the Pine Tree.  Afterall, "balance" is nature's ultimate gift to the world untouched.  Freud and thousands of contemporary authors since have addressed the imbalance to human life caused by structures imposed other than by nature.

There is nothing more balanced than a person who understands and accepts his/her individuality and uniqueness.

There is nothing more natural.

So, there is nothing more important for The College to imbue to all who attend it than this message.

Further, there is nothing more ubiquitious to building an American society than the pine tree.  A quick trip to Home Depot or any lumber yard will prove that over 95% of the wood used for building HOMES is the enduring pine.

Pine trees are also self-healing... oozing sap to protectively cover wounds cause by other,,, including Nature, itself, from lightning or other falling trees.

Nonetheless, pine trees have weaknesses, especially when manipulated or cut by humans.  Knots, the genesis for every new branch are the curse of every carpenter or weekend warrior who must deal with both their presence in drilling and sawing... plus, brittleness in structural integrety.

Ironic.  Knots, which are a a genesis of new growth in nature, become a weakness in death.

Were someone to refer to me as a pine tree, I'd thank them for the compliment!  There is a powerful persona in every pine!

Finally, The Pine Tree offers The College, students and alums a great gift to give.  Planted and forested by students of the The College itself, the gifting of a Dartrmouth Pine could be a impactful ceremonial gesture and fund-raising event.


Rating The Pine with 10 being the highest score.

10 for ease of implementation

8.5 for graphical representation

5.0 for fun

10 for use in fund raising and speical events