Charter Membership Benefits
Acing Evil

Charter Memebership Has Its Benefits
There Are Many!

We recognized from the outstart, the inherent nature of the problem:
Computer security is simple in concept... yet difficult in smooth implementation.  Also, whether one is running his/her business on the PC, or just storing recipies, a debilitating security breach is equally disruptive and devasting to the owner of the problem.
So, our providing a quality service requires that we scale it to our resources, promises, and service desires.
In launching Acing Evil, we initially selected people, from our personal address books...  THAT'S YOU!   Our first offer is to them.  We know that some number of them will become subscribers... not only to our newsletter, but more importantly to our Cyberside Rescue 'n Recovery Service (tm).  In truth, some people commited to membership even before our launch.
And, we also know that a good number of subscribers will want to pass knowledge of our services on to their friends and family, as well.  Afterall, what are friends and family for!  We certainly encourage this and will reward the referral.  This networking is the good form of viral growth. 
But, regardless of the manner of growth, we will control our quality service levels by scaling membership to resources... not vice versa.  With due respect to our subscribers and members, it's easier to find them than it is to find Ace cyber-sleuths.
All subscribers from our first round solicitation will be considered Charter Members, if they subscribe within 30 days of the e-mail linking them to this site.  This status will provide additional priority benefits within your Cyberside Rescue 'n Recovery Service, and special benefits to be determined.  Since we're in this cyber morass together, you should share in our success.
Of course, we guarantee your satisfaction with the the newsletter, "Acing Evil." And we will promptly refund any pro-rated amount should one wish to cancel.  Ditto for the Cyberside Rescue 'n Recovery. 
If you had need to use our Cyberside Service, and if we rescued and restored your computer to operational status, to your satisfaction, we hold that this rescue liquidates our need to refund as you will have gained the value of the service.  And at the rates that we have promulgated, we also know that this liquidation is more than fair.
And we want to be that... More Than Fair!
We never forget that even through multiple referrals, we will always be serving some party to whom we became associated through our Friends & Family Network.  This should be reassuring to both of us, for our success depends soley on your satisfaction... and vice versa.